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Woking with people over the last twenty years has really made me humble – In the context of a functioning and respectful partnership. Which I took for granted when I was still at the beginning. Being totally consumed with my own points of view and the weight of my backpack full of socio-emotional problems.

Perceiving my share of duties in all these relationships and developing a reflective personality along the way, was hard. So the following list is not only the usual show-off but an attempt to say, “Thank You! For all the inspiration and chances to grow."

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The Metaleros festival is a small but delicate event taking place in Munic every year. Creating a typographic logo and corporate design in the solid heavy metal tradition was pure joy – since I am a metalhead myself. Project-work included mutation of the design onto flyers, posters, web-banners, t-shirts and coffee-mugs. A promotional video was part of the commission too.

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Mooisnuut - Good as New!

Mooisnuut is a company owned by the lovely Maike. CEO and Face to the Crowd. Maike is a psychiatrist and Face-Yoga expert. Want to know how Face-Yoga can make you look and feel 10 years younger? Check out her website www.mooisnuut.com.

Together with Maike I have created the whole corporate appearance and online-marketing concept. Starting from brand name, logo design, corporate design photography, video recording and editing. Designing and creating the website, Webshop, booking- and learning platform. As well as the preparation of all the educational video content.

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While economy in centralized purchasing is always the main focus at Bonvesta, economy was on my mind too when I did a smooth re-branding and website relaunch for Achim at Bonvesta.de. The logo was dragged gently into the 21st century. Along with it all the business stationery and website.

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das lebendige dorf

Lüchow is a small village somewhere at the end of the Milky-Way. Being strongly Waldorf orientated, topics like marketing and social media were always a balancing act between preserving the peace and remoteness of the place while still generating enough momentum to keep it alive. Which has worked out as it seems. Nowadays Lüchow has a senior living community, a wholefood shop, a kindergarden and a school. Which is pretty astonishing for community of a handfull of families.

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the gallows fellows

A Country and Bluegrass Band from Lower Austria. As musicians are: always a bit flamboyant it was not always easy to get things to a conclusion. But Hey! Creation is a process and I must admit that results would definitely have been completely different in other circumstances. And results were always appealing. So I am grateful for all the blood, the sweat and the tears.

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Independent Artistic Work

Is for sure a great relief. Once in a while being released from the leash of scope statements and timetables. But to be honest - like every other domestic animal I do not feel at home in the wild. Without rules and restrictions. So, having to come back to the whistle is always sort of a relief.

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the urge to create

About me: I have studied graphic-design and communication at the New Design University in St. Pölten/Austria. After years of working as an Art-Director in a small agency the wind of change blew through my life and I ended up at the other end of Europe. In Rostock, at the coast of the Baltic Sea.

In the wake of this transition I had to quit my job. Becoming a freelance designer seemed to be the obvious choice. And still feels right from the perspective of the here and now. Which actually is somewhere in the woods of Bavaria, with my beautiful yet smart wife and three lovely children.

As a freelance designer I offer relaxed and high quality Communication-Design and Coaching to a select group of clients. Together we create tailored communication strategies of all scales. Together! Since I believe that marketing and design has to fit the clients personality and talents, and is per se a very personal thing. And a "comfort zone“ has to be gently extended and not torn apart and left behind, scattered across the battlefield.

Since the personal relationship to my clients is of great importance to me, I outsource as few tasks as possible. So the skills I’ve aquired over the years read as follows: Graphic-design, UXD, Web-Implementation, Copywriting, Content Writing, Content Management, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Photography, Video Production, Audio Production and Coaching.